Our approach

From consultation and engineering, to production and installation, a standardised process ensures a turnkey bathroom that exceeds your expectations in terms of budget, time and quality.


 We combine innovative designs with manufacturing expertise and construction knowledge to provide a solution to the demanding standards of today's construction industry. In doing so, we follow a set procedure.



Prior to commencing any project, our Sales Representative Tessa invests considerable time collaborating with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and ascertain the optimal solution. Each project is different, so we dig deep into the details. We look at the quantity of units, the variety and your requested planning. Additionally, we always conduct a feasibility assessment for each project. This process allows us to give you a detailed cost calculation that provides certaintyThroughout the entire duration of the project, our Sales Representative remains closely involved, ensuring you always have one designated point of contact for any questions.

Our team works on the design of the project and the integration of project-specific design components. We look at the systems and components inside and outside each modular bathroom unit to identify potential conflicts. All this happens in our own organization. We set realistic expectations. Ultimately, our goal is to design each prefabricated unit to exceed your expectations for budget, time and quality.



Converting complex data to simplicity and clarity

We use 3D software to design everything in detail. This allows to eliminate potential conflicts at an early stage. In addition, it gives the possibility to show many more elements in advance before we produce a mockup at the customer’s request. Our designers are always at your disposal throughout the drawing process.



We adapt our process for each of our unique assignments. Everything is focused on fulfilling the vision of the project. We build every prefabricated bathroom unit with due attention to ensure that the intended design and customer experience are fulfilled.

An efficient structure in the assembly line ensures accuracy, precision, continuity and speed. We inspect each modular bathroom POD to ensure the highest quality according to the project specifications. Each unit is accompanied by a report after undergoing the necessary tests.



We supply the finished bathrooms on the requested day and hour according to the JIT method. Each bathroom POD is equipped with splash-proof packaging.

Our self-supporting units can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The POD then becomes part of the building and undergoes a final inspection by our customer. To ensure flawless installation, we offer guidance, our own equipment and everything you need. Although the installation is the last step in the process, it does not mean the end of our cooperation and partnership.

We remain available to all our customers at any time.

Tessa VDH

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Wondering what Off Site Belgium can do for your project? Feel free to reach out to our Sales Representative, who is always available to address any inquiries you may have.

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Sales Representative
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