Why choose Off Site Belgium?

Opting for a prefabricated bathroom offers numerous advantages. Think shorter construction time, easy installation and flexibility. However, it doesn't stop there. There are numerous reasons why a prefab bathroom is the ideal solution for your project.

Budget friendly

  • Failure costs are minimised by the comprehensive quality tests we carry out in our factory before the prefab bathroom units are packed and prepared for transport.
  • Price-wise, we can easily ensure that the cost of the prefabricated bathroom is lower than a traditional bathroom.

Reduced construction time

Because our units are delivered almost fully furnished, there is no need to install individual components which drastically reduces construction time.

Smaller carbon footprint

Off Site Belgium only works with high-quality products that guarantee a long service life. Moreover, we use renewable raw materials for the production of our units.

Design freedom

  • We work everything out in 3D according to the client's wishes. This can include almost anything, from a standard square to an L-shaped bathroom with a round shower corner.
  • No restrictions in terms of dimensions or materials. Of course, you can always count on our professional advice.

Produced in a conditioned factory

The production of our prefabricated bathrooms always takes place under climate-controlled conditions to ensure optimum quality.

Single point of contact

Although we have an extensive team of engineers, technicians and support staff, we operate a single-point-of-contact policy. Our employees are always closely involved.

Easy installation

  • Our turnkey bathrooms are designed in detail with sophisticated 3D software. Moreover, you can count on the necessary guidance and equipment to ensure a smooth installation.
  • No more headaches on site. No extra grinding. The bathroom is positioned in the exact place and ready. Plug and play.

Just-in-time delivery (JIT)

We deliver everything on site when it is needed and not a day earlier. We do this by being flexible, always in consultation with our customer.


There are no storage costs on site, 95% less waste on site and no unnecessary logistic operations.

Off Site Belgium, a guarantee of quality

Our years of experience guarantee bathroom units of impeccable quality. They are designed using sophisticated 3D software to eliminate potential conflicts as early as the design phase. In addition, an efficient structure in the assembly line ensures accuracy and precision. All our units are also carefully inspected and accompanied by an inspection report

Off Site Belgium is ISO 9001 and KIWA certified.

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